Thobias_ALAbout Lassa

After having done my workshops around the world this year and last, I think it’s time we take it home again. I’m happy to announce two workshops in December with one more in Melbourne in January.

A Greater Story is a photography workshop, but you will walk away with more important things than settings and photoshop tricks, hopefully inspired to run a meaningful business and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Over the two days we will discuss a range of different subjects. I will share my story and show you how it affects everything I do. I have built a business and body of work completely based on who I am and the needs I have and I will try to push and challenge you to do the same. We will discuss how inspiration works, how to push through creative blocks and how telling a good story can change your business dramatically.

We will discuss – in detail – how storytelling impacts everything from branding to client interaction, pricing and sales.